Make Your Deal Analysis and Deal Hunting a Breeze

Trying to find and keep track of all of those real estate sites can be annoying. Give yourself more time for what is really important to you.

The REI Toolbar


REIToolbar is a Firefox browser toolbar that allows you to determine values of properties, organize your real estate web links, find bank-owned foreclosures, analyze deals and more...

REIToolbar is the perfect sidekick for any real estate investor, whether you are still looking for that first deal or have done hundreds of deals.

Believe it or not, the toolbar is absolutely FREE and will always remain FREE! Download your REIToolbar Now!

With REIToolbar you'll be able to:

  • Find House Values
  • Find Bank-Owned Foreclosures
  • Load Your Favorites with One Click
  • Analyze Deals
  • Calculate What to Offer
  • Hide the Toolbar When Not In Use
  • And So Much More...